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Antique Cast Iron Still Penny Bank Mutt and Jeff

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Description: Antique and rather uncommon very nice golden colored cast iron still penny bank. The bank is cast in the form of two men standing with a box labeled Mutt on one side and Jeff on the other. Mutt and Jeff are the well known 1910s comic strip characters and always used to refer to two stupid men. The bank was obviously colored with a gold finish judging from the color on the inside and residual color on the exterior. The bank is made of two parts held together with a screw , which appears to be original to the bank. The casting is very well done and shows great details of the men's faces and clothing. The bank appears to be all original and has some residual original gold paint. It has the coin slot on the side of Jeff's arm. This is a very nice looking uncommon and all original penny bank in very good condition. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain, but most likely sometime in the early to mid 1900s.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size: The bank measures ~5 1/8" at its tallest with the base measuring ~2 1/8" by ~1 3/4" and being ~2 3/4" at its widest. The bank weighs over 13 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: We have opened the bank and did not observe any markings.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a great and unusual still penny bank which would make a nice addition to your collection.

Condition: The bank is in very good condition. It has no breaks and no repairs. It is all original and in nice original condition. We believe it still retains its original screw and retains some of its original gold coloring (>15%). The bank has lost most of its original color, shows some soiling and has scratches to the surface. The extended nose of Mutt has obviously lost its coloring and has lost the base coating to the point where you can see the shiny metal at its tip. A great looking bank worthy of a spot in your collection. Please view photos to appreciate beauty of this beautiful bank and for additional condition information.

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