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Antique American Made Pewter Teapot Painted Metal Handle Goose Neck Spout

  • $ 159.99

Description:    An antique pewter teapot having a round footed base which rises in a curved fashion to inward tapered center with straight sides and having rounded shoulders. The shoulder then has a short straight riser continuing in a long curved neck form which ends in an outwards flared plain rim. The pot has a hinged lid and a shaped metal handle that is painted in black. The handle has a nice decorative curve on to and a curve at the lower end. The pot is equipped with an applied goose neck shaped spout that is attached to the middle of the central portion. The surface of the pot is undecorated and has a nice textured dark gray patina that gives it great character. The base of the pot is round and has a slight circular foot. The inside of the pot is relatively clean with minimum staining or oxidation suggesting that it may have seen very limited use. The pot also has a strainer arrangement on the inside at the beginning of the spout. The piece is relatively clean both inside and out but has some stains on the exterior as well as the interior. The piece came from the collection of a pewter collector in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:   Uncertain but most likely mid 1800s. 

Origin:   Purchased at an estate auction in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. 

Size:   The pot is ~8 1/4" high to the top of the finial, the base is ~4 1/2" in diameter and the piece is ~9 1/2" at its widest including the handle and spout. The pot weighs about 1 1/2 pounds. 

Maker:   Unknown. 

Marks:   Unmarked.  

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:   This is a nice antique teapot with a beautiful classical design and shape which would display very well in your collection.  

Condition: This pot is in general good condition. The lid was broken at the hinge in the past and was soldered back in place. The solder is on the inside and as such is not a problem when the piece is displayed. The interior has stains, scratches and signs of minor oxidation. The exterior is textured  and has a nice gray patina. It does have scratches and several dings most pronounced are the ones we show in the first photo at the shoulder. The handle has wear and loss of paint which can also be seen in the photos. The base has quite a few dings and is a bit deformed. As we indicated earlier the hinge for the lid has been repaired, not very well, and the lid has a couple of dings and sits a bit off. Be that as it may the piece still looks great and would display nicely in your collection of American pewter. I would add that because of the issues discuss here, we are selling the piece at a price that is a fraction of its true value. So here is your chance to own a beautiful antique at a low price. Please view photos for additional condition information.   

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