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1975 Walter & June Gottshall Schimmel Style PA Dutch Carved & Painted Wood Eagle

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Description:   A beautiful carved wood and polychrome painted Eagle standing in a rectangular base. The carving is in the Wilhelm Schimmel style and depicts the eagle proudly standing with a golden head, a brown colored chest, and wings in the shape of a heart. The eagle's legs are yellow in color with its long talons being also yellow in color. The eagle is standing on what we would characterize as a rock that is rectangular in shape with a hump on top and is dark brown in color. The eagle's carving shows a lot of details such as carved eyes colored in black, a carved beak colored in yellow and brown, the carved wings on the back of the bird in the shape of a heart, and carved feather details in the tail of the bord. The bottom of the base is signed and dated "WJG 75" for Walter and June Gottshall 1975. Just a very well done piece of Pennsylvania German folk art worthy of a spot in your collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date: 1975. 

Origin:  Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA. 

Size:  The carving measures ~3 3/4" by ~2 3/4" at the base, with the bird being ~5 5/8" long from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail and the piece being ~5 1/4" at its highest (to the top of the bird's head). The piece weighs slightly over ~5 ounces. 

Maker:  Walter and June Gottshall. 

Marks:  WJG 75 carved into the bottom of the base. 

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  This a very nice piece of Americana Pennsylvania Dutch folk art worthy of a spot in your collection.

Condition:   The piece is in very good condition. It is intact with no breaks, no repairs, and minimum losses to the paint if any. Its colors are fresh and all there. This is a very nice piece of Pennsylvania German folk art by Walter and June done in the style of carving pioneered by Wilhelm Schimmel in the mid 1800s. The piece has some dust and light soiling and could use a good cleaning, but we leave that to the discretion of the new owners. The piece is all original, looks great., and would make a nice addition to your collection of American Pennsylvania German Folk Art. Please view photos for additional condition information. 

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