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1837 Hard Times Copper Token Turtle and Running Mule/Jackass HT #34 Toned VF

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Description: A good very fine hard times copper token. This 1837 token shows a turtle on the obverse with a safe strapped to its back and the legend "EXECUTIVE FINANCIERING" surrounding the image above and below and the words "1937 FICAL AGENT" below the turtle. The reverse shows a running mule with the words "ILLUSTRIOUS PREDECESSOR" split by the image and the words "I FOLLOW IN THE" above the mule and "STEPS OF MY" below the mule. The token has a plain edge and is nicely toned. It weighs ~10.5 gm and is ~28.5 mm in diameter. The token refers to the experiment of separating the Banks and the State financially. The tortoise alludes to the slow pace of the experiment and while the running Jackass alludes to Van Buren’s rapid rise in popularity. A great looking and very desirable copper Hard Times token, with a rarity index R1, to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Dated 1837.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.

Reference: Rulau HT-34 with Rarity-1

Artist: Unknown

Weight and Size: The copper token weighs ~10.5 grams, is ~28.5 millimeters in diameter.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Unmarked as to the artist or the maker.

Condition: The token is in good very fine condition. It has dark toning and its details, although fairly worn, are still well discernable. The token is soiled and shows honest even wear throughout. A great quintessential Hard Times token that is in good very fine condition and is fairly well-preserved to add to your collection. The token has a few surface marks, scratches (especially above the running mule on the reverse), and dings, but is still in a nice condition with the design showing wear commensurate with the token's age and circulated state. Please view photos for additional condition information.


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