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1130-1250 Anonymous Muwahhidun Almohad Morocco Spain Square Silver Coin Dirham

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Description: A small square anonymous silver dirham minted for circulation in Iberia (Spain) and Morocco during the Muwahhidun dynasty (1130 -1250 AD) 524 -640 AH. These coins were minted through-out the time of the dynasty and were circulated throughout North Africa and Islamic Spain. The obverse says "La Ellah El Allah/Al Amer Kulh Le Allah/Laquwa Ela Be Allah" which translated to "There is no god but Allah/ all rights are Allah's/and all power is Allah's." The reverse which is decorated with a line pattern on top proclaims "Allah Rbuna/ Mohammed Rasulan/ Al Mahdi Emamana" which translates to "Allah is our god/Mohammed is our prophet/al-Mahdi is our leader." The coin has beaded borders along the edges of both the obverse and reverse. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description. Additional Information: Muwahhidun (Al Mohad) Dynasty ruled the Maghrib from 1147-1269. In about 1121 Murabit dominance in Northern Africa was challenged by the Harghi Tribe of the central Moroccan part of the Atlas Mountains, who founded the Muwahhidun dynasty. Mohammed ibn Tumart claimed to be the Mahdi, or the divinity guided successor to the Prophet Mohammed, and founded the Muwahhidun (the affirmers of God's unity). They ruled current day Morocco, Tunis and Algeria plus Islamic Spain (Al Andlus). They were the most powerful force in North Africa since the Roman Empire. They had two capital cities one in Spain (Seville) and the other in Morocco (Fas). The end of the Muwahhiduns was also the beginning of the end of Islamic rule in Spain.

Date: Sometime in the period 524 -640 AH (1130 -1250 AD).

Mint: Unknown.

Size and weight: This is a Dirham, weighs ~1.5 grams and is ~14 by ~14.5 mm.

References: It is Album #496, Wilkes #716 and is listed in Mitchiner as #421.

Condition: I would grade this coin as a good extremely fine with a well centered strike and very readable legible calligraphy. The has a slightly wavy flan and some residual luster. It is lightly toned and shows minimum wear to the highest points. It has some light scratches to the surface and general wear commensurate with its age and circulated state. The coin is much better than the photos suggest. Please see photos for additional condition information.

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