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1895 French Engraving of Lady On Bronze or Brass Frame P Rodde By P. Rodde

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Description:   Antique signed and dated engraving on brass or bronze of a late 1800s. The engraving is of a woman with short hair and dressed in period clothing. The engraved plate is housed in a heavy Bronze frame and is covered with a piece of glass. The frame has a sliding back and when opened reveals three copies of a business card of the artist P. Rodde. The piece is signed “P. Rodde” and dated “1895”. P. Rodde was a so called Bronze Fantaisies (or Maker of Bronze Novelties), living at 43 Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth. We assume P. Rodde was French but it is not clear what town he called home. This is a nice engraving with quite a bit of detail. The frame is decorated all along the edge with a cast design. The frame has a loop on top for hanging. The entire piece could probably use a good cleaning, but we will leave that to the next owner. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  1895 

Origin:  France 

Size:  ~2 13/16 by 4 7/16" and is 3/8" thick. The engraved plaque measures 2 1/2" by 4" and weigh 2 ounces. The entire piece, including three business cards of Rodde weighs a bit over 9 ounces. 

Maker:  P. Rodde 

Marks:  The engraved plaque is signed P. Rodde and dated 1895 

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  Very nice and uncommon French antique art work. 

Condition:  All in excellent condition. It could use a good cleaning, but we will leave that to the new owner. The glass covering the engraved plaque may not be original to the piece and is cut a bit small for the piece, but this can be easily replaced. Also, it appears that the frame has minor spots of oxidation or possibly remnants of cleaning agent. Please see photos to appreciate the beauty and condition of this antique. 

In Closing:  Just a very nice piece with bold and fresh design in superb condition after being around for over 100 years. This would make a great addition to your collection of French art. Please see our store for another piece by Rodde of a gentleman.

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