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1912 Russia 500 Rubles Pick Number 14 Very Large Banknote Beautiful About Uncirculated

Description:  A beautiful about uncirculated or much better Banknote or State Credit Note from Russia. This is the 1912 five hundred Rubles. This is a very large size banknote having black design on a green background on the back and black designs on multicolored underprint with green background on the front. The back shows the image of Czar Peter I to the left and mother Russia seated with scepter in her hand and a shield in her other hand to the right of the note with a blank portion at the extreme right where the water mark is. The back only shows the denomination. The front on the other hand  has a lot of inscriptions in Cyrillic in the center. The front is highly decorative with Cyrillic inscription throughout with double headed eagle symbol/coat of arms of the Russian Imperial Family in the left top corner. The banknote displays the date and the denomination on the front and only the denomination on the back. It has two signatures with Shipov signature being one of them dating the note between 1912-1917. This particular note has the serial number Bb 071538 displayed twice on the front.  The note has water mark depicting the image of Czar Peter I. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our  description.

Date: 1912.

Printer: Russian Treasury.

Size: The banknote measures ~10 7/8" by ~5".

Pick Number: P 14.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a good about uncirculated or better with all the details being very well preserved. The note has no observable folds or creases but has some minor wrinkling in a small portion around the corners with a minor crease in one or two of the corners. We believe these issues are not due to circulation but rather due to the handling of such a large note over the years. Other than that it is crisp and without ruffling or additional creases. The banknote has minimum soiling, if any, but no graffiti, stains, pinholes, or splits. The corners of the note are intact and sharp with no observable rounding but as mentioned earlier some minor light wrinkling and creases. Just a great piece to add to your collection. Please see photo for additional condition information.

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