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Nicaragua Fifty Centavos

1938 Nicaragua Banknote Fifty Centavos De Cordoba Liberty Portrait Pick# 89

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Description:   A nice very good or much better banknote from Nicaragua. This is the 1938 Fifty Centavos de Cordoba issued by the National Bank of Nicaragua. The bank note which has a design in black over a green colored background, shows a portrait of Liberty looking left at left of the front. The back of the nopte is gray in color and shows the arms of Nicaragua in the center flanked by the denomination on either side. The note shows the denomination on both the front and back, but shows the date only on the front. It has three signatures and shows the serial number on the front. This particular not has the serial number 494112 in red. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of  our description.   

Date:  1935.  

Printer/Issuer:  American Bank Note Company.  

Size:  Measures ~5" by ~2 3/4".   

Pick Number:  P 89.  

Condition:  I would grade this banknote as very good or better. This is a well used note, abused but still intact. The corners of the note are intact with minimum rounding but show signs of creasing and folding. The not shows some discoloration, quite a bit of staining along the top edge, a small tear again on the top edge, which does not reach the design, and general wrinkling. The note has no pinholes or graffiti. It has vertical and horizontal folds and some general roughness to the edges from use.  The note itself is limp and has lost most of its original crispiness. The note still has an overall attractive appearance. Please see photo for additional condition information. 

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