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1940 Portugal 20 Escudos A Very Good or Much Better Banknote Pick Number 143 Last Issue Date of Type

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Description: An apparent very good to apparent fine banknote from Portugal. This is the 27 February 1940 twenty Escudos issued by the Bank of Portugal. This note represents the last date this type banknote was issued. The note is red-violet and multicolored with the image of M. d'Albuquerque facing right within an oval frame to the left of the front and an ornate building to the left. The back has the same color scheme as the front and shows the image of the castle of Guimaraes to the left. The note has two signatures, the denomination, date of issue, and the serial number on the front. This particular note has the serial number DSK 01263, which is shown twice on the front. The note has a watermark depicting the bust of M. d'Albuquerque facing left. The note shows considerable wear and has repairs to tears along the folds and along the edges. Be that as it may the note is still pleasant looking and would make a great addition to your collection. Please carefully review the scans as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 27 February 1940.

Printer: Bank of Portugal.

Size: The banknote measures ~6 1/8" by ~3 1/4".

Pick Number: P 143.

Condition: This is a rather rare banknote that very seldom comes by. I would grade it as a nice apparent very good to apparent fine. The note has been restore and repaired in several spots. Mainly at the tears and splits along the edges and in the center where it had a small tear. The center still has a hole from excessive folding. The note was obviously cleaned and flattened, but is still very respectable in looks and condition. The note has vertical and horizontal folds and general wrinkling. The corners are rounded and have minor losses. The edges show considerable roughness and have tears. The note has no graffiti or large objectionable stains. It is soiled with some minor staining. A nice note for the grade and would make a nice addition to your collection of Portuguese banknotes. A great opportunity to obtain this rather rare note at a reasonable price. Please see photo for additional condition information.


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