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1940's Australia One Pound Banknote Pick Number 26b King George VI Nice Fine or Better Currency

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Description: A nice fine or better banknote from the Commonwealth of Australia. This is the undated 1940s one pound currency note. This banknote is dark green in color over a multi colored background. It depicts the image of a young King George VI to the right of the front. The back has the same color scheme as the front with the framed image of people shepherds shearing sheep and titled Pastoral in a rectangular frame in the center. The front also has the denomination written in orange in the center. It has the signatures of H. T. Armitage and S. G. McFarlane on the bottom of the front in black coloring. This particular note has the serial number 878352 displayed twice in black on the front but not on the back. It is series P over 92. The banknote has a water mark depicting captain Cook's head. Please carefully review the scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Sometime between 1941 and 1948 when both Armitage and McFarlane were signing banknotes.

Printer: John Ash.

Size: The banknote measures ~6 1/8" by ~3 1/4".

Pick Number: P 26b.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a nice fine or better with all the details being well preserved. The note has several horizontal folds and a horizontal fold. It also multiple creases and bumps. It is soiled but has no large objectionable stains. The note has no tears, no splits, and no pinholes. The banknote has graffiti in the form of some writing on the back. The edges show signs of roughness and nicks at the ends of the folds. It still retains some of its original stiffness. The colors still bright. The corners are intact but show rounding. The graffiti is the main reason we grade the note as fine instead of very fine. The note shows honest original wear and is in an original circulated condition. It would make a great addition to your collection of Australian banknotes. Please see photo for additional condition information.


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