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1956 Egypt Crown Size Silver Coin 50 Piastres British Evacuation From Egypt MS60

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Description: A beautiful uncirculated 1956 (1375AH) Egyptian fifty piastres silver coin. The coin commemorates the Evacuation of the British Troops from Egypt on June 18, 1956. The coin depicts the image of a pharaonic character, presumably Egypt, with broken chains or shackles moving forward with a torch raised in his right hand on the obverse. The obverse also states Evacuation Day 18 June 1956 in Arabic lettering. The reverse shows the denomination and the date both in AD and AH. It also says Republic of Egypt and has the wings of Horus in the bottom. This is a heavy and large silver coin that is very beautiful. It is KM-386. It weighs 28 grams of 0.900 silver and measures approximately 40 mm in diameter. The coin has a reeded rim and has a very small mintage of 250,000. The coin is graded by ANACS as MS 60 (Mint State 60) detail. The detail being the coin was cleaned. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1956 AD - 1375 AH.

Mint: Egypt.

Size and weight: This is a fifty Piastres, weighs 28 grams and is ~40 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #386.

Condition: The coin is graded uncirculated MS 60 detail by ANACS and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. The detail mentioned being the coin was cleaned. Be that as it may, the coin is beautiful, clean and shows no appreciable wear. This is a beautiful coin, which is difficult to come by in such a nice grade and would make a nice addition to your collection. Please see scan for additional condition information.



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