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1956 Egypt Silver Coin Twenty Five Piastres Nationalization of Suez Canal AU+++

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Description: A beautiful about uncirculated or much better 1956 (1375AH) Egyptian twenty five piastres silver coin. The coin commemorates the Nationalization of the Suez Canal Company in 1956 by President Gamal Abdel Nasser. The obverse of the coin depicts the Administration or Headquarters Building of the Suez canal Company located in Port Said, with the old Egyptian flag (crescent and three stars) flying on top and water in front of it. The reverse shows the denomination and the date both in AD and AH. It also says Republic of Egypt and has the wings of Horus in the bottom. This is a very beautiful coin in a very nice grade. It is KM-385 and weighs ~17.5 grams of 0.72 silver. It measures approximately 37 mm in diameter. The coin has a reeded edge. Please carefully review scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1956 AD - 1375 AH.

Mint: Egypt.

Size and weight: This is a twenty five Piastres, weighs 17.5 grams and is ~35 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #385.

Condition: For international buyers, please note that the new US postal rates for overseas shipping are very high and we are unable to change them. Additional charges will be incurred depending on the value of the item. Please check the cost of shipping before bidding. I would grade this coin as a beautiful about uncirculated or much better with most of its original mint luster and having all the details very well preserved. The coin has excellent eye appeal and is beautiful. The coin has no observable problems. It is much better than the scan shows. It does have minor bag marks, a few minor scratches and a few minor nicks to the rim (please see scan). It also has a small stain or soiling spot on the bottom of the obverse. The coin has minimum wear, if any, commensurate with its age and circulated status. Please see photo for condition information.


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