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1957 South African Reserve Bank Ten Pounds Banknote Pick Number 99 Good Very Fine or Better Currency Note

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Description: A beautiful very fine or better Banknote from South Africa. This is the South African Reserve Bank Ten Pounds note issued 10 August 1957. The banknote is brown and violet in color with portrait of Jan Van Riebeeck in an oval frame to the left of the front. There is a wilderness scene in the lower left corner of the front depicting antelopes, zebra, monkey, buffalos and fruits. There is also a woman with a child and a jug on her head along the right edge of the front. The back has the same color scheme as the front and displays the exterior of what we believe is a mining operation. The note is written in Afrikaans and English. The front has one signature that of Dr. M.H. de Kock, the date and the serial number as well as the denomination. This particular note has the serial number D/2 728284, which is displayed twice on the front in black. The back only displays the name of the bank and the denomination. The note has a watermark displaying the portrait of Jan Van Riebeeck. Please carefully review the scan provided as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 10.8.57 or 10 August 1957.

Printer: Unknown.

Size: The banknote measures ~7" by ~4".

Pick Number: P 99.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a good very fine or much better. The note has several vertical folds and several short light creases angled around the top right corner. The banknote is lightly soiled but has no observable stains. The note has no graffiti, no pinholes, no tears, and no splits. The edges are intact but show some roughness and minor nicks, especially along the top edge. The note retains some residual of its original stiffness, sheen and crispiness. The corners are intact with some bumps and are minimally rounded. The colors of the note are clear, vivid and bright. A very nice note in very fine condition to add to your collection. Please see scans for additional condition information.