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1958 Egypt 10 Pounds Banknote Pick Number 32 Signed Abdel Galel Elemary About Uncirculated or Better

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Description: A beautiful about uncirculated or better large banknote from Egypt. This is the March 8, 1958 ten pounds. This large size note is red and lilac in color. It depicts Tutankhamen at right on the front. The back has two circles and a central image of Ancient Egyptian ruins. The right circle houses the water mark, which is the Sphinx's head. The note has Arabic writing on the front and English writing on the back. This particular note has the serial number 041989 and is series "Sheen Sad/51". It is signed by Abdel Galel Elemary the Governor of the National Bank of Egypt at the time. The note has all of its original crispiness, it is clean but has a bump to the top right corner, which is most likely due to handling and not from circulation. The note was issued by the National Bank of Egypt. Please carefully review scan presented as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: March 8, 1958.

Printer: Unknown.

Size: The banknote measures ~7 1/8" by ~3 3/4".

Pick Number: P 32.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as an almost or about uncirculated with all the being very well preserved. The note has one pronounced bump to the top right corner and a second lighter short bump about 1 3/4" to the left of the top right corner along the top edge both of which appear to be due to miss-handling rather than circulation. Other than that the note retains all of its original crispiness, has intact corners with no rounding, and has fresh and vivid colors. The banknote has no pinholes, no soiling, no graffiti, no stains, and no tears or splits. The note has no splits and the edges are intact. Please see photo for additional condition information.



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