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1970 Great Britain Banknote Twenty Pounds Young Queen Elizabeth II William Shakespeare and Signed J S Fforde Prefix A02

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Description: A beautiful crisp about uncirculated or much better twenty English pounds banknote. This banknote was issued in 1970 is purple on multicolored underprint in color. It shows a young Queen Elizabeth II in court robes to the right of the front. It also depicts Britannia seated with shield in a circular frame left of center near the bottom edge and has a central colorful design of Saint George Slaying the dragon in blue and yellow. The back has the same color scheme as the front and shows a statue of William Shakespeare right of center with a colorful, design left of center, of a man serenading a woman (Romeo and Juliette) in blue and yellow. The banknote has a watermark showing the crowned head of Queen Elizabeth. The note is signed by J. S. Fforde the Chief Cashier the Bank of England at the time and has the prefix A02 (early rare issue). This particular note has the serial number 341996 and has a security thread which is vertical and is located right of center if you look at the front of the note. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1970.

Printer: Bank of England.

Size: Measures ~6 3/8" by ~3 1/2".

Pick Number: P 380a.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a choice about uncirculated or much much better with all the details being well preserved. The note is virtually perfect. It shows minor signs of handling. Has no folds or creases and has no soiling that we can see. The note has no tears, pinholes, stains, graffiti, or splits. The paper is clean and bright with original sheen. The corners are squared and have no detectable rounding. The note retains all of its original crispiness. The only issue we see is the area where the security thread is appears to be a bit bulging suggesting a fold but it is not. Please see photo for additional condition information.