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1972 Banknote Switzerland 1000 Francs Dance Macabre P# 52k PMG Choice VF 35

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Description: A beautiful choice very fine large size banknote from Switzerland. This is the 1000 Francs currency note issued by The Swiss National Bank in Bern and Zurich on January 24, 1972. The note purple and blue and shows the image of a woman wearing a pearl necklace and having a floral spray in her hair on the front. The front also shows the denomination center and left. The back has the same color scheme as the front and shows an allegorical scene of the Dance Macabre or Dance of Death. The image shows standing robed death holding a sickle and an infant with a seated old man and a winged robed person having hand on his forehead and a fallen hourglass. There is also a robed figure dancing with a young woman holding a flower. Very dark imagery! The note shows the denomination on the front and back in multiple locations throughout. It has three signatures and the serial number on the front. The banknote has no watermark that we could find but has a security thread left of center. It is written in three languages, namely; German, French and Italian. This particular note has the serial number 5Z43180. The note is graded Choice Very fine by PMG and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. Please carefully review the scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: The note is dated 24 January 1972.

Printer: De La Rue of London, England.

Size: Measures ~9" by ~4 7/8".

Pick Number: P52k and is listed in the Banknote Book as B336k.

Condition: The bank note is graded by PMG as choice very fine 35 and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. It is clean and intact with some folds but no graffiti, no pinholes, no apparent tears or splits. It is beautiful and we believe it is under graded, but you be the judge. The edges are intact with possibly some minor roughness at the ends of the central folds. Its corners look squared and intact. A scarce, beautiful and very desirable note to add to your collection. Please see photo for additional condition information.



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