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1976 Kholui Russian Lacquer Box Scene from Ruslan and Ludmilla Fairy Tale Artist Signed

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Description: This is a beautiful and large (~5 1/2" by ~3 3/4" by ~1 7/8") rectangular paper-mache or papier-mâché Russian Lacquer Box from the Kholui School of lacquer miniatures. The rectangular box has a flat bottom and hinged lid. The lid is decorated with a hand painted colorful image of a warrior (Ruslan) riding a horse and having a long spear in his hand in front of a large bearded and mustachioed dark man's head. There is an orange sky with dark birds flying and dark clouds. The horse is standing on the ground with plants and shrubs all around. This is a scene from Pushkin's epic poem "Ruslan and Ludmila written in 1820. According to the poem "In a mist Ruslan comes across a giant head which he subdues; under the head is a magic sword which enables him to defeat Chernomor." The miniature drawing is framed in a gold colored curvilinear beautiful design. The box shows the words "Ruslan and Ludmilla" the word Kholui and the name of the artist which we believe spells "Kuezyeva." The art work is over a black background box with a red interior. The box comes with a small piecve of paper issued from the school of Kholui which dates the piece to 1976. The box shows wonderful detail and beautiful colors; A true beauty. The inside of the box is colored in the usual red color used in Russian lacquer boxes. See page 68 in Lucy Maxym book "Russian Lacquer, Legends and Fairy Tales; 1981 Corners of The World Inc. for a similar example. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1976.

Origin: Kholui, Russia.

Size: The box measures ~5 1/2" by ~3 3/4" by ~1 7/8" when closed. The box weighs slightly over 7 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: The box has markings in gold colored calligraphy on the bottom of the painting at the edge of the lid "Ruslan and Ludmilla; Kholui; Kuezyeva" all in Cyrillic letters. The back has the words Made in USSR again in gold lettering.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: A very beautiful and well done design with beautiful vivid colors. Gold and tempera makes this nice box a very good addition to your collection of Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Condition: The box is in very good condition. The box has no cracks, breaks, repairs, hairlines, or crazing. The art work on top of the lid is intact, beautiful, well executed, and in very good shape with no losses or fading (with the exception of a small scuff mark near the top right corner). The box has a few small bangs at some of the corners and scratches as well as dings on the bottom. There is also a small area where the edge of the lid is scuffed as well as a few spots on the base that are scuffed. Be that as it may, these are all inconsequential and the piece is beautiful with well preserved beautiful art work and great condition. The interior red coloring is intact with no losses but there is a small area on the side wall, which looks like dried glue or similar (see 7th photo). Other than that it is a great looking box with absolutely great art work. Would make a great addition to your collection. Please view the photos for additional condition information.


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