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1979 Fedoskino Russian Lacquer Box The Merchant-Peddlers Poem Vanka Showing Katya All His Treasures Signed L. Lvbyeva

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Description: This is a gorgeous nice size paper-mache or papier-mâché Russian Lacquer Box from the Fedoskino School of lacquer miniatures. The box is rectangular in form having a slightly curved bottom and a slightly curved hinged lid. The lid is decorated with a hand painted colorful miniature of a young man wearing a hat holding a shawl over a beautiful woman's shoulder. The woman is wearing a brilliant red dress that shows the details of her svelte body. There is a treasure chest laying on the ground. The chest which is green is open and shows jewels and beautiful cloth. It is night and the two are hidden by plants in the field where they are. There are houses in the distance behind them. The box shows the gold coloring, MOP and tempera and is just radiant and show great detail. We have tried to photograph the art work to show the beauty, but our photos just do not do the beauty and quality of the art work justice. This is a scene from the poem titled Merchant-peddlers and represents the verse, .. till night falls I'll delay and when I see thy black eyes shining all my treasures I'll display. As you can see Vanka is displaying all his treasures to Katya. This colorful box has the following inscriptions on the bottom; "Fedoskino; 1979; Lvbyeva LM" on the bottom in pale blue or white coloring over the black. The box shows wonderful detail and beautiful colors; A true beauty. The inside of the box is colored in the usual red color used in Russian lacquer boxes. The box comes with the original certificate from the Fedoskino School of miniatures which shows the pattern number and date as well as the other details concerning the box. Please see page 67 of Lucy Maxym's Book, "Russian Lacquer, Legends and Fairy Tales" published by Lucy Maxym in 1981 for a similar example. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1979.

Origin: Fedoskino, Russia

Size: The box measures ~4 1/4" by ~3" and is ~ 1" high when closed.

Maker: Fedoskino Manufactory, Russia.

Marks: The box has markings in white or light blue colored calligraphy on the bottom of the painting at the edge of the lid "Fedoskino; 1979; Lvbyeva LM." The back is also marked in gold cursive calligraphy with the words "Made in USSR" in the center and shows the number 1275a in the bottom right corner (we assume this is the design number).

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Absolutely exquisite design with beautiful vivid colors. Gold, MOP, and tempera makes this first  quality box designed and executed by a master artist a must have to the collector of Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Condition: The box is in good condition with no cracks, repairs, hairlines, or crazing. There are spots where the black lacquering is lost, possibly due being hit or expanding and exposing the paper-mache at the bottom edge of the box on the front and two sides, but not on the back side (we show those in the three photos before the last one). In addition, because the bottom is slightly curved the box does not rest completely on flat surfaces and wobbles a bit, this results in some scratches and wear to the bottom. Finally, the box has general minor scratching throughout. However, all these issues do not really distract from the beauty or quality of the box. Please view the photos for additional condition information.