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1990 Redware 10 1/4" Plate Glazed and Sgraffito Decorated Strawberries & Flower Pot Design by Lester Breininger

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Description:  A beautiful large (10 1/4" in diameter) redware plate. The plate has a slightly rounded base with rounded flared sides. The sides terminate at a plain rim. The bottom of the plate is not glazed and display the typical coloring of unglazed redware pottery. The inside of the plate is glazed with a yellow colored background and displays highlights of green splotches typical of copper oxide along the edge. The plate is decorated with a beautiful sgraffito design of a flower pot with two flowering strawberry plants. The flowers are on long stems and having green leaves on them. There is also strawberries on each of these stems which are hanging low with the leaves. The pot has a yellow under dish and yellow rim. The pot, rim and under dish have a mesh design. The edge of the plate has a scalloped design between parallel lines right at the plain rim of the plate.  Just a great looking and fairly uncommon design by Lester Breininger. Although the colors of the plate as well as the design is reminiscent of typical Pennsylvania Dutch antique designs, we have never seen strawberries before. The base is marked as to the maker and the date the piece was made. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: March 28, 1990.

Origin: Robesonia, Berks County Pennsylvania.

Size: The plate measures 10 1/4" diameter and is ~1 3/4" high. The piece weighs almost 2 1/4 pounds.

Maker: Lester Breininger

Marks: "Breininger Pottery; Robesonia PA" and the date "March 28, 1990"  and has the words "Sunny" below it all in cursive calligraphy on bottom.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a very nice piece with a very nice design and colors. This is a great piece by a master potter with the Pennsylvania German Heritage sure to increase in value as time goes on. Needless to say Mr. Breininger has passed away December 2011 and there will be no more new Breininger pottery.

Condition: Plate is in excellent condition with no cracks, repairs, chips or hairlines. It does have general fine crazing to the glaze, but this really does not affect the beauty of the piece. Please see photos for additional condition  information.

In Closing: This is a beautiful piece with a nice color and design, which seldom comes by. Sure to become a valuable collector item as time goes by. Made by an accomplished contemporary master potter with the Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, recently deceased. Definitely deserves a prominent spot in your redware collection.