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1992 Breininger Glazed Sgraffito Decorated Yellow Quart Mug Patriotic Eagle

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Description: Contemporary redware sgraffito decorated glazed large mug with applied handle. The mug has a round flat base, which rises in a slightly outwards flared straight sides ending in a plain rim. The sides of the mug are decorated with sgraffito decoration showing American Eagle with spread wings and holding a banner in its beak. The ribbon banner says "WHERE LIBERTY DWELLS THERE IS MYCOUNTRY" all in brown over the yellow-colored background. The eagle has arrows in its talons. The handle is decorated with sgraffito stars. The mug has green highlights on the sides indicative of copper oxide. The mug is glazed inside and out but not on the bottom, which shows the color of unglazed redware. This is a rather large mug with a capacity of 33 ounces or slightly over one quart and measures ~5 1/4" in diameter on top and is ~5" high. This mug is decorated in the Pennsylvania Dutch style and is really beautiful. The inside of the mug is also glazed but undecorated and has a brown color. The bottom of the mug is unglazed and shows the typical color of unglazed redware and has the artist's signature/mark. The piece has a wonderful form and size. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1992.

Origin: Robesonia, Pennsylvania.

Size: The piece measures ~4 3/4" in diameter at the base, ~5 1/4" in diameter at the top, is ~7 1/8" at its widest including the handle, and is ~5" high. The piece has 33 ounces or slightly over one quart capacity and weighs about one pound and 12 ounces.

Maker: Lester Breininger

Marks: "Breininger Pottery; Robesonia PA; July 17, 1992; Cloudy." incised in the center of the base in cursive calligraphy. See Photos for details.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a beautiful piece of art pottery, which would be a beautiful decorative or accent piece. The piece has a great patriotic design done in the Pennsylvania Dutch style, made by a contemporary master potter with the Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. The nice and unusual decoration, and the beautiful shape makes this piece a very nice piece to display. This piece deserves a prominent spot in any redware or art pottery collection or as an accent piece in your home.

Condition: The piece is in very good condition. It has no cracks, repairs, chips, or hairlines. Close examination of the surface with a 10x loop did identify some minor signs of onset of crazing to the glaze. The piece has a few of the usual defects you would expect with all these primitive redware pieces such as pops, small dimples, slubs, unglazed areas and uneven spots. However, these issues do not distract from the beauty or quality of the piece and are mentioned here for completeness. Other than that, the piece is great looking and would make a great addition to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information.



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