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2011 Breininger Glazed Redware Colorful Egg Sgraffito Chicken On The Nest Design

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Description: A nice size redware egg made by Lester Breininger. The glazed egg is beautifully decorated with a sgraffito design showing a hen laying down on what we view as a nest with additional abstract decoration below it. The chicken is colored in brown and green. The design is surrounded by sponged blue coloring and the top of the egg is framed with a scalloped line. The egg has the colored design on a yellow background on the top portion of the egg. The bottom of the egg has a flattened base and is brown in color. There are green sponged circles along the line where the brown bottom meets the top design. The egg is signed "BP/PA/2011" in three lines, for Breininger Pottery/Pennsylvania/2011, on the flat surface where it sits. This is a very nice redware egg with a beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch design and colors. The egg is entirely glazed and looks great. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 2011.

Origin: Robesonia, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Size: This egg measures ~3 1/4" long and is ~2 1/4" high and ~2 1/2" wide. The piece weighs slightly over 4 ounces.

Maker: Lester Breininger.

Marks: The egg is marked on the bottom with the inscription "BP/PA/2011" in three lines, for Breininger Pottery/Pennsylvania/2011, in black under-glaze.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a nice piece, which we believe was made in the studios of Lester Breininger the master potter from Robesonia Pennsylvania. It represents a nice example of Pennsylvania Dutch art made in the studio of Mr. Breininger the master potter with the right heritage. It would make a great addition to any redware collection. Note that Mr. Breininger died in December 2011 and as such his pottery has become very desirable and sought-after. A nice and well-made piece worthy of a spot in your collection of contemporary redware.

Condition: The egg is in very good condition. It has no cracks, no repairs, no hairlines, and no chips. The egg has general crazing to the glaze, which is difficult to see but is there. The egg does have a few of the usual defects you would expect with all these primitive redware pieces such as pops, slubs, unglazed areas and uneven spots. However, these are original to the making and are difficult to see but can be felt. Regardless this is a beautiful piece in excellent condition. Please see photos to appreciate its beauty and for additional condition information.


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