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Sasanian Silver Dirham

668 AD Silver Dirham By Authority of Ziyad b. Abi Sufyan Arab Sasanian Khusru II Type Minted in Sistan

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Description: Giamer A and C is delighted to present another Arab Sasanian coin for sale. Admittedly this is out of our area of expertise, however, we were fortunate enough to secure a few interesting and rather inexpensive example coins at a recent estate auction and will be selling them over the next few weeks. This is a beautiful silver dirham issued by the authority of Ziyad b. Abi Sufyan and minted in Sistan. This Khusro II style dirham (~32 mm diameter and weighs ~3.6 grams) depicts the bearded bust of the Khusro facing right and wearing headdress with two wings and a crescent with a star above his head on the obverse. The obverse also depicts crescent with star to front, and star behind, crescents on shoulders and 3 crescents with stars around coin margin as well as the word Bismillah in Arabic and Rabbi in the margin. The reverse depicts a Zoroastrian fire altar with narrow diademed shaft and only flames above. There are two attendants facing with crescent to right and star to left and crescent with stars in the margin. The mint is shown on the right and the date on the left as usual. However, the date is not completely clear and we interpret it to be 48 AH. As such we see the coin as being minted in SK in the year 48 AH. Please carefully review the scan provided as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 668 AD or 48 AH.

Mint: SK (Sistan).

Size and Weight: This is a silver dirham, weighs ~3.6 grams and is ~32 mm in diameter.

References: Album 5.

Condition: I would grade this coin as a good Very Fine. The coin is nicely toned with great eye appeal. It has all of its details well preserved and is problem free. The coin has a sharp strike and has some residual luster. The coin is much better than the scan shows. It does have surface scratches, bag marks, and wear commensurate with its age and its circulated state. Please see the scan for additional condition information.


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