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Antique Cast Iron Hanging Match Holder Angel, Putto, or Cherub Gold Coloring

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Description: This is a very interesting antique figural hanging match holder. This cast iron match holder has a cup cast in the form of the bust of what we believe is a cherub, putto, or an angel. The cup has two compartments and is affixed to a back plate with a screw. This heavy match holder used to be painted in gold coloring but has lost quite a bit of its original coloring. It is meant to hang on a wall with matched in it to use when needed by striking them against the roughness of the figure either on the wings or the center under the head. The figure is well cast and shows beautiful details from the hair of the cherub to the wings to the facial expression. The back plate is `in a cured design with what we believe is an upside-down fleur-de-lis. The piece is rather heavy and substantial weighing almost a pound. Again, the piece is well cast and shows very nice details, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and the feather in the wings. Please carefully view the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Unknown, possibly late 19th century to very early 20th century.

Origin: Purchased at an estate sale in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size: measures ~4 1/16" at its widest, ~5 1/2" long, and is ~1 5/8" at its deepest. The piece weighs almost one pound.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Has the number 319 stamped on the back.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Just a very nice and unusual antique match holder, which would make a great addition to your collection.

Condition: The match holder is in very good condition with no breaks, cracks, damage, or repair. It retains some of its original gold coloring but has lost quite a bit of it over time. The piece is soiled and would benefit from a good cleaning, but we leave that to the discretion of the new owner. All in all, a great looking and unusual match holder to add to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information.


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