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Antique English Brass Merry Phipson & Parker Paper Clip Arms With Lion & Unicorn

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Description: A nice antique Victorian brass clip used to hold mail or paper. This paper clip has a strong spring that allows it to hold papers tightly. The entire piece is made of brass and the front or top is highly decorated with high relief flower on top with the words "REG OCTR 3, 1843 No. 24" below it. There is a heraldic coat of arms featuring a lion and unicorn below the words followed by a rectangle and then the name of the maker "MERRY PHIPSON & PARKERs" and then the words "PAPER CLIP" along the bottom edge of the top. The base of the clip is Textured where the clip would rest while it is smooth above the texturing with raised leaves along the edges. The top of the base has a round opening to hang from. The top of the paper clip has a round finger rest to push down to open the clip. This push down piece is shiny and does not have the same patina the rest of the piece is displaying indicating extensive use. The spring is strong and closes tightly. The piece has a beautiful brown patina with a gold coloring along the edges and at the high spots. Just a great antique piece to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely sometime mis to late 1800s.

Origin: England.

Size: The piece measures ~5" long by ~2" wide at the base. The front or top of the clip itself is ~4 3/8" long and ~1 5/8" at its widest, while the clip is ~1 1/2" at its highest. The piece weighs ~4 ounces.

Maker: Merry Phipson & Parker.

Marks: Marked on the top of the clip "MERRY PHIPSON & PARKERs PAPER CLIP" see photos for details.

Condition: The paper clip is in excellent condition with no breaks, or repairs. It is a bit soiled, with a few stain spots, and a few scratches as well as some minor dings. It would probably benefit from a good cleaning to bring it back to its original beauty, but we leave that to the discretion of the new owner. It works well and all the details are well preserved. The spring is strong and closes tightly. This is a nice piece, which would display very well in your collection of paper clips or your desktop item collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of this great piece.

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