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Antique Large Painted Blown White Milk Glass Easter Egg Curvilinear Raised Design

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Description: A very interesting antique large painted white or milk glass Easter Egg with a raised design. The raised design on the egg shows the words "EASTER GREETINGS" surrounded by curvilinear shapes and dotted lines. The piece was obviously painted with a floral design in various shades of green, yellow, and gold colors. However, it has lost most of its coloring since, you can still see a flower, gold colored lines and parts of the words EASTER but not the word GREETING. You can still see residue of green, a reddish tint, yellow, and gold, and gray. This white glass egg is obviously made of blown glass and you can see the pontil at one end (see the last photo). The egg is decorated over the entire exterior with the raised design discussed earlier. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely mid to late 19th century.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Size: Measures ~6 1/2" long and ~4" in diameter at its widest. The piece weighs about 10 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Unmarked as to the maker.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a nice large and very uncommon antique Easter Egg that survived for over 100 years even though it is made of glass.

Condition: The egg itself is in great shape without breaks, cracks, hairlines, or repairs. The raised design is intact and can be seen plainly., However, the painted decoration is mostly gone and very little of the original coloring remains. The surface of the egg has some minor scratches and general soiling. There is also some extra soiling at the pontil, which we show in the last photo. Please carefully view the photos presented to better assess the condition of this rare antique.