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Antique LeMaire Paris France Opera Glasses or Racing Binoculars Mother Of Pearl or MOP exterior

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Description: Nice antique Opera Glasses or Race Binoculars marked "LEMAIR FI; PARIS" on the eye piece. The piece is made of brass with the eye piece and most of the body being covered with mother of pearl or MOP. The binoculars have a wheel on a central stem which is used to adjust the focus. The wheel appears to be also made of MOP or a material of the same appearance. The binoculars focus well and you can see things that are relatively far when using it with it being fully extended. A nice pair opera glasses, which look very nice and feel great in your hand. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Late 1800s to Early 1900s.

Origin: Paris, France.

Size: The eye pieces are ~ 1 1/8" in diameter on top, while the diameter of the object lens is ~1 3/8". The binoculars are ~3 5/8" wide where your eyes would go, ~4" wide at the other end, and are ~3 3/16" long when fully extended. The piece weighs about 8.7 ounces.

Maker: LeMaire of Paris, France.

Marks: Marked "LEMAIR FI; PARIS" around each rim of the eye pieces. The piece is also marked with what we would characterize as a bee or fly and the numbers 20 and 63 along the underside of the bar connecting the two object barrels.

Condition: The optics are ok and the binoculars work relatively well. The optics appear to be dusty and we are not certain if they can be cleaned. Also the object lens has a golden colored circle along their edge with one of the lenses showing some losses of the golden coloring. The focus wheel is in good working condition but a bit hard to turn, it may need some lubrication. The MOP is intact with no losses, no cracks or obvious scratches. The brass shows scratches and wear throughout and when the binoculars are fully extended you can see loss of brilliance of the brass on the exterior if the brass. Additionally, the piece has some soiling and could use a good cleaning. All of these issues are from use and storage over the years, but the piece is still nice and worthy of a spot in your collection. Because of the issues outlined above we are selling the piece as is at a low price. Please view photos for additional condition information.


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