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Antique Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Bank "Tammany Bank" J. & E. Stevens Co.

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Description: A nice cast iron mechanical bank. This cast iron mechanical bank is in the form of a large man with dark, combed hair and a mustache, seated in chair with low arms against his coat and high hand. He is sitting in a painted chair. The chair is tan in color with a reddish-brown trim. The chair has pierced decoration throughout. The man seated is dressed in tan pants, dark blue jacket, a yellow waistcoat, and a blue bowtie. He has one hand raised (with separate notch of metal to hold coin) when a coin is placed in the hand its weight causes the hand to lower and deposit the coin into the pocket of the man. The pocket is behind the man's arm which is held against his coat. The side of the chair has cast inscription with fan motif on each side of chair, which says "TAMMANY BANK". The mechanisms of the mechanical bank begin when you drop a coin into the man’s hand. He quickly places it into his jacket/pocket. It is said that the bank depicts a corrupt Tammany politician accepting a bribe, depositing it in his coat pocket, then nodding a "thank you". The Tammany Bank is based on Patent No. 145,734, issued to John Hall on Dec. 23, 1873. Please carefully review the pictures presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain, but most likely sometime around 1875.

Origin: Purchased in Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.

Size: The base measures approximately ~5 7/8" high with the base measuring ~3" by ~3 3/8" with the feet extending an additional one inch past the base. The bank weighs about over one pound and thirteen ounces.

Maker: J. & E. Stevens Co.

Marks: Marked on the sides of the chair "TAMMANY BANK" with fan motif in the center and the top edge of the chairs back has the notation "PATD DEC 23 1873" which is partially worn-off and obliterated.

Condition: Bank is in relatively good condition with no repairs or breaks. It has considerable losses to the paint throughout, which can be seen in the photos. The bank has felt all around the base and under the shoes to sit on. The bank has minor signs of rust and is soiled. It would probably benefit from a good cleaning, but we leave that to the new owner. All of these issues can be seen in the photos. Be that as it may, the bank is still in good condition and the piece would display nicely in any collection. There is a screw on the bottom which is there to open the bottom to withdraw the coins in the bank. However, we did not attempt to unscrew it and as such we left the coins already in the bank inside. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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