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Antique Soldered Silver Engraved Crozer Cup of Fearless Riding By Gorham

  • $ 150.00

Description:  Antique soldered silver cup or mug with a handle. This soldered Silver Cup is is decorated with an engraving of a person riding a wild horse, jack ass or donkey.  The animal is in a fast gallop while the person has his feet up in the air. The following writing in cursive calligraphy is engraved above and below the image "The Crozer Cup for Fearless Riding Awarded to Richard Tilghman 1894." The cup has a beautiful applied handle soldered to it.

Marks:  It is marked on the bottom as follows; "Gorham 0100 Soldered Silver".  It also has the anchor and the image of a woman with a star above her head in an oval.

Size and Weight: The cup measures 3 1/4" in diameter at the top, 3" in diameter at the base, and is 4 1/2" high. The width including the handle is ~5".  The weigh is approximately 10 troy ounce of soldered silver.

Condition:  It has a very nice classic shape with a belly near the base. It is in excellent condition given its age, with no, dents, breaks or repairs. It does have several very small and almost unnoticeable dark spots near the bottom, which may be bad scratches which has some dirt accumulated. It also has some minor surface scratches, probably from cleaning over the years, which are difficult to see. However, these do not distract from this cup's beauty and charm. It could use some cleaning, but we will leave that to the next owner. Please view photos to appreciate this item's beauty and condition.

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