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Australia One Pound Reserve Bank of Australia, Pick Number 34, Queen Elizabeth II, Beautiful Very Fine Currency Banknote from 1960's

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Description: A beautiful crisp very fine or much better banknote from Australia. This is the no date one pound banknote issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The banknote has a black design on a green and yellow background. The front depicts a cameo portrait of queen Elizabeth II to the right and the Australian arms top center. The back is green in color and depicts facing portraits of Charles Stuart and Hamilton Hume. The note is signed by H. C. Combs as Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia to the bottom left of center and Ronald Wilson to the bottom right of center of the front. The note is undated but known to have been issued in the period 1961-1965. This particular note has the serial number 575181 and is from the series HI 27, which is displayed twice in black lettering on the front and not on the back. The note has a watermark depicting the bust of the Captain James Cook. Please carefully view scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1961-1965.

Printer: Uncertain.

Size: The banknote measures ~6 1/8" by ~3 1/4".

Pick Number: P 34a.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a nice very fine or much better with all the details being very well preserved. The note has several vertical folds but no observable horizontal folds. The corners are squared and intact with minimum rounding if any. The edges are intact and show minimum wear as well as minimum roughness if any. The note is a bit soiled and has quite a bit of staining especially on the back. The note retains quite a bit of its original stiffness and crispiness. It has no graffiti, no pinholes, no tears or splits. A beautiful crisp note in excellent original condition worthy of a spot in your collection of banknotes. Please see scans for additional condition information.


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