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Beautiful 1556-59 Gold Coin Venice Italy Zecchino Lorenzo Priuli Fr. 1255 XF+

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Description: Beautiful gold coin showing no date from Venice Italy. This is a one Zecchino or Ducat from the times of Lorenzo Priuli in the period of 1556-1559. The coin shows Doge kneeling, with DVX above him, before St. Mark, who holds staff in right hand with the legend "LAV* PRIOL' | • S | • M | • V | ? | N | ? | T" on the obverse. The reverse shows full length Christ the Redeemer standing facing forward within beaded ellipse lined with 12 stars. The reverse has the legend "SIT.T.XPE.DAT.QTV REGIS.ISTE.DVCAT" surrounding the image of Christ along the edge. The coin is undated but was issued during the period 1556-1559. The coin is much better than the photos suggest. It is beautiful with great eye appeal. It is Fr. 1255, weighs ~3.4 gm and measures ~20.5 mm. Please carefully review the photos provided as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: ND (1556-1559).

Mint: Venice.

Size and Weight: This is a one Zecchino or Ducat that is ~20.5 mm in diameter and weighs ~3.4 grams of 0.9990 gold.

References: Fr. 1255.

Condition: I would grade the coin as a nice lustrous extremely fine or better. The coin is well struck and shows minor wear. Its details are very well preserved and the coin has great eye appeal. It has great brilliance and a sharp strike on each side. The coin has a few scratches and bag marks on both sides which can be seen in the photos. The coin is much better than the photos suggest. Please see photos to appreciate the beauty of this coin and for additional condition information.

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