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Swiss Half Thaler

Beautiful 1796 Silver Coin Choice Extremely Fine or Much Better Canton of Bern Half Thaler

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Description:  A beautiful choice extremely fine or much better silver coin from the canton of Bern in Switzerland. This is the 1796 half thaler coin issued by Bern. The coin has the arms of the canton depicting a Bear within a crown shield and the words Bernensis Respublica surrounding it on the obverse. The reverse has a Swiss soldier holding a long sword and wearing a feathered hat standing on a mantle with the date below it. The reverse also has the words Dominus Provdebit surrounding the image. This is a great looking coin that is nicely toned, retains all of its details with minimum wear, and has nice eye appeal. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1796.

Mint: Bern, Switzerland.

Size and Weight: This is a half thaler measuring about 22 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #151.

Condition: I would grade the coin as a beautiful choice extremely fine or much better. It is nicely toned and having great eye appeal. The coin has all of its details well preserved and has minimum wear commensurate with its age and circulated state. It has some minor scratches throughout as well as a few light nicks and bag marks. The coin looks much better than the scan suggests. This is a beautiful coin which would make a worthy addition to your Swiss coin collection. Please see photo for additional condition information.

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