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Beautiful 1875 Twenty-Cent San Francisco Mint Graded AU 58 by NGC

  • $ 700.00

Description: A beautiful about uncirculated silver 1875 S twenty-cent piece. The date 1875 represents the first year for this type of coin and possibly the only date where these coins circulated. Coins made in subsequent years were mostly melted and never put into circulation. Production of these coins stopped completely after the 1878 issue which was only in proof and never intended for circulation. The coin is graded by NGC as About Uncirculated "AU 58". It is in a plastic slab. The coin itself is better than the scan shows and has very good details. The date is very readable as are all the legends. As you can see from the photo, the on the reverse are also very bold and all there with minimum wear commensurate with its about uncirculated state. These coins were designed by William Barber and were minted in San Francisco, Carson City, and Philadelphia. This coin is from the San Francisco mint. These 20-cent pieces are becoming very difficult to find especially in such high grade and command a premium due to their low mintage, limited issuing period, and low denomination. Please carefully review the scans provided as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1875.

Mint: San Francisco.

Size and Weight: ~5 grams of 900 silver and is ~22 mm in diameter. The coin has the plain edge design.

References: Listed in "2015 US Coin R. S. Yeoman (The Official Red Book), 68th edition, Kenneth Bressett, editor, Published by Whitman Publishing, LLC, Atlanta, GA. Also listed in Page 89 in "2011 US Coin Digest, David Harper Editor and Henry Miller Market Analyst, 9th Edition, Krause Publication, Iola, WI."

Condition: The coin is graded AU58 by NGC and comes in a plastic slab. The coin is beautiful and has minimum wear commensurate with its about uncirculated state. The coin is problem free and would make a great addition to your US coin collection. Please see photo to appreciate condition and beauty of the coin.


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