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1789-1797 Gold Coin Venice Italy Zecchino or Ducat Lodovico Manin Fr 1445 AU58

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Description: Beautiful gold coin showing no date from Venice Italy. This is a one Zecchino or Ducat from the times of Lodovico or Ludouvico Manin in the period of 1789-1797. The coin shows Doge kneeling before St. Mark, who holds staff in right hand with the letters DVX along the top of the staff and the legend "LVDOV*MANIN•| S | • M | • V | ? | N | ? | T | I" surrounding the image on the obverse. The reverse shows full length Christ the Redeemer standing facing forward within beaded ellipse lined with 15 stars. The reverse has the legend " SIT·T·XPE·DAT·Q·TV REGIS·ISTE·DVCA" surrounding the image of Christ along the edge. The coin is undated but was issued during the period 1789-1797. The coin is graded by PCGS as AU 58 (About Uncirculated 58) and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. It is much better than the photos suggest. It is beautiful with great eye appeal. It is KM# 755, Fr. 1445, and is listed in Numista as N#77766. The coin weighs ~3.42 gm (noted on the holder) and measures ~21 mm. The coin is beautiful and in about uncirculated state of preservation. Please carefully review the photos provided as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: ND (1789-1797).

Mint: Venice.

Size and Weight: This is a one Zecchino or Ducat that is ~21 mm in diameter and weighs ~3.42 grams of 0.9990 gold.

References: KM# 755, Fr. 1445, and Numista N# 77766.

Condition: The coin is graded AU 58 (About Uncirculated 58) by PCGS gold shield and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. It is beautiful coin with great eye appeal. It has minimum wear as well as minimum surface markings. Just a great coin to add to your collection. Please see photos to appreciate the beauty of this coin and for additional condition information.



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