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Beautiful Silver Coin from Mexico 1805-TH Silver 8 Reales Mo Mint Mark King Charles IV Bust

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Description: A nice extremely fine 1805 silver eight reales from Mexico. The coin displays the bust of King Charles IV (Carlos IIII), King of Spain wearing armor and facing right on the obverse and a crowned shield with two columns on its side on the reverse. The coin has the words "CAROLUS. IIII. DEI. GRATIA. 1805" surrounding the King's head on the obverse. The reverse is marked "HISPAN. ETIND. REX. Mo. 8R.T.H." surrounding the shield which has standing lions and towers at opposite corners. Early Mexican coins such as these are gradually getting more difficult to find. Please carefully review the scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1805

Mint: Mexico City.

Size and Weight: Silver coin weighs ~27 gm of 0.896 silver and is ~39 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #109.

Condition: The coin is graded as extremely Fine with all of its details being well preserved. The coin is nicely toned with a dark look. It has scratches on the obverse and can be seen in the photos presented. The coin has wear to the high point but the details of the Kings face, hair and his laurel are still there and very well defines. The reverse shows the details of the shield being well preserved but as is clearly evident the words on the banner over the columns are a bit faded. The coin has wear commensurate with its age and circulated status, is nicely toned and has great eye appeal. The coin is much better than the scan shows. The coin also displays minor bag marks and a few minor nicks to the rim. However, these do not detract from the coin's beauty and quality. Please see photo for additional condition information.

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