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Beautiful Tahiti 1000 Francs Banknote 1977 Institut D'Emission D'Outre-Mer Very Fine or Better Pick Number 27b

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Description: A beautiful and very colorful very fine or much better banknote from Tahiti. This is the 1977 One Thousand or Mille Francs banknote issued by the "Institute D'Emission D'Outre-Mer." The note which is dark brown and red on multicolor underprint depict a young girl with a flower in her hair to the right of the front and the image of a hut under palm trees to the left of center f the front. The note has the overprint in black which says REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE bottom right of the front. The back has the same color scheme as the front and shows images of antelopes, a hut, a church with a steeple, birds, and native carvings. It also says "PAPEETE" top center of the back. The note has two signatures on the front as well as the serial number 0600917. It is series L.3 . The noite id undated buyt has signatures indicating it is the 1977 issue. The note has a watermark depicting the bust of a woman with the letters RF in front of her. Please carefully review the scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Has no date, but known to be the 1977 issue.

Printer: Unknown.

Size: The banknotes measure ~6 1/4" by ~3 3/8".

Pick Number: P 27b.

Condition: I would grade the banknote as a good very fine or better. The note retain some of its original stiffness and crispiness. The note is lightly soiled, has a light central vertical folds but no noticeable horizontal fold. The note has no objectionable stains and its corners are intact with some bumps and creases but minimum rounding. Note the top right corner is lightly rolled on itself and not missing. It has been straightened out since the scans were done. The edges are intact with minimum roughness but show bumps and creases all along and parallel to the top and bottom edges. The note has no pinholes, no tears, no splits, and no graffiti. Please see the scans for additional condition information.


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