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Belgium Crown Size Silver Coin 1935 Fifty Francs Brussels Exposition and Railway Centennial King Leopold III

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Description: A beautiful extremely fine or much better silver crown size coin from Belgium. This is the 1935 fifty francs coin depicting the image of St Michael slaying the dragon on the obverse. St. Michael is the patron saint of Brussels the capital of Belgium. The obverse has the legend indicating that it is an issue of the kingdom of Belgium for the Brussels exposition. The reverse depicts the Brussels train station with two dates above (1835-1935) and having a legend in French indicating the centennial of the railroad in Belgium. The coin has a legend in French along the edge, which reads "SOUS LE REGNE DU ROI LEOPOLD III" which translates too under the reign of king Leopold III. Nice thick and heavy coin with low mintage of 140,000. It weighs 22 grams of 0.68 silver and measures 35 mm in diameter. This is KM 106.1. Just a great looking coin worthy of a spot in your collection of Belgian or world silver coins. Please carefully review the photos provided as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1935

Mint: Belgium.

Size and Weight: Coin weighs ~22 gm of ~0.6800 silver and is ~35 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM 106.1.

Condition: I would grade the coin as a beautiful extremely fine or much better with all the details being well preserved. The coin is lightly toned with minimum wear to the high points, but still retains the most intricate details especially in the building on the reverse. The coin is problem free and has a few scratches, minor dings to the edge, and a minimum number of bag marks. The coin is much better than the photos suggest. It is a beautiful, great looking and would make a great addition to your collection. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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