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Cast Iron Golden Large Elephant Still Penny Bank with Howdah by A. C. Williams

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Description:  A beautiful antique cast iron still penny bank.  It is cast in the form of an elephant with his trunk tucked towards its leg. The elephant's tail is touching its right hind leg. This large elephant also has a howdah, or houdah, on his back. The bank, which is made of cast iron, is painted in golden color. The casting is very well done and shows great details of the elephant such as his trunk, eyes, ears, and the decoration on the howdah. The bank is made of two halves held together with a screw. We believe the screw is original to the piece. We have opened the bank and found gold coloring on the inside, on part of the screw and signs of minor surface rust, which is really nothing to worry about. However, we did not find any markings. The bank has the coin slot in the howdah on top of the elephant's back.  See page 84 in Andy and Susan Moore's book "The Penny Bank Book; Collecting Still Banks" Published by Schiffer Books, of Exton, PA in 1984 for a similar example (bank number 474) made by A. C. Williams in the 1910-1930s. This bank was purchased as part of a large collection of cast iron penny banks, which we will be listing over the coming weeks and months. Please carefully review the pictures presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1920s

Origin: Purchased in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Size: Measures approximately 4 7/8" in height to the top of the howdah. The piece is about 6 3/8" in length. The bank weighs over ~1 3/4 pounds.

Maker: A. C. Williams

Marks: Unmarked.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  Very nice bank in very good condition having most of its original coloring left.

Condition: Bank is in excellent condition with no repairs or breaks. It has some losses to its original paint, but still retain most of it. As we indicated earlier, we believe the piece is all original and we did not see any problem with the piece except for some minor surface rust on the inside. In addition, there is a spot on top of the elephant's head where there is a small hole, which is original to the making and represents an error in the casting. However, this does not distract from the bank's quality or beauty. Please see photos for additional condition information.