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Murano Art Glass Large Penguin Figurine, Made in Italy, Contemporary Decorative

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Description:  A beautiful, very large, and heavy Penguin Murano art glass figurine. This beautiful figurine is colored in black and white with the edge of the black being a dark brown. The penguin's wings are clear, while his beak is black. The eyes are made of two small black balls of glass attached to the head just above the beak. The beak shows details of having two halves while the feet show details of tows. The penguin has a short tail that is of clear glass. The piece stands 12 inches high and weighs almost 4 3/4 pounds. Just a beautiful and unusual piece of decorative art glass made in Murano Italy. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of the description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely last quarter of the 20th century.

Origin: Purchased in an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Produced in Murano Italy.

Size: The penguin is 12" high, its base is ~5" by ~3" in diameter, and the piece weighs almost 3 3/4 pounds.

Maker: Murano.

Marks: Has a red round sticker with gold lettering which says "Made in Italy Murano".

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Just a beautiful and unusual contemporary art glass decorative figurine.

Condition: The paperweight is in very good condition and has no cracks, hairlines, chips, or repairs. The piece has scratches on the bottom of the penguin's feet, which really do not distract from its beauty or quality. Other than that the piece is in great shape with a small bubble of air or two and rough spots at the edge of the wings which are original to the making of the piece. Please see photos for additional condition information.