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Currency 1945 ND Ethiopia 10 Dollars Banknote Emperor Haile Selassie Pick 14b F

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Description: A nice fine Banknote from Ethiopia. This is the no date 1945, ten dollars currency note issued by the State Bank of Ethiopia. The front of the banknote has black design on orange and blue underprint. The front depicts the image of emperor Haile Selassie at left and the statue of a man on a horse with a dome in the background in the center. The back, which is red in color, depicts the image of the Ethiopian Arms which is a crowned lion with a flagged cross in its paw. The banknote does not display the date anywhere. It displays the denomination on both the front and back. It has one signature on the front and is signed Bennett. This particular note has the serial number AK 126506, which is displayed in red twice on the front. The paper of the note is rather thick and stiff. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1945.

Printer: Security Banknote Company.

Size: The banknote measures ~6 1/8" by ~3 1/4".

Pick Number: P 14b.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a nice fine with all the details being still preserved. This note is well used but is still intact. The corners are rounded but are intact. The note has sizable nicks at the center of the top and bottom edge at the ends of the central vertical heavy crease. The note has additional light folds mostly vertical but does not appear to have a horizontal fold. It has no tears or splits. It is heavily soiled with some staining throughout. It has no graffiti, no pinholes and observable wrinkling. The note has fold, both vertical and horizontal, and has general wrinkling. Its colors are a bit faded and obscured by the soiling. The note still has some stiffness and is not completely limp. Please see photo for additional condition information.



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