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Early 1800 Lead Glazed Slip Decorated Redware Pie Plate Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Description: Redware lead glazed and slip decorated pie plate. The plate is round with a flat bottom and flared rounded sides terminating in a plain rim. It has orange-brown colored background glaze. It has three sets of two yellow slip lines each. The central set is wavy and is flanked by two parallel yellow slip lines on top and bottom. Top lines have a round yellow slip dot next to them , while the bottom ones do not. The back has a very nice dark blackened brown patina. The edge of the plate has a dark brown colored glaze.

Date: Early to mid 1800s.

Origin: Southeastern Pennsylvania

Size: 7 1/2" in diameter and 1 5/8" deep.

Maker: Unknown

Marks: No markings

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is an antique and very nice plate. The very nice dark patina on the back of the plate combined with the crazing of the glaze on the front are an indication that this plate has been around for a long time. The condition of the plate also suggests that the plate was really treasured.

Condition: Plate is in superb condition given its age and its utilitarian function. It has no cracks, chips, repairs or hairlines. It has minimal loss of the slip decoration or the glaze, amazing! It does have considerable crazing and only two or three small spots on the rim where it may have been nicked or could be defects in the making. However, these do not compromise the structure, integrity, or beauty of the piece. Finally as is the case with all these primitive old redware pieces, the plate also has very few of the usual defects you would expect such as pops, unglazed areas and uneven spots.

In Closing: This is a great plate which is beautiful, solid and in great shape after being around for over 200 years. The nice colored glaze, the slip decoration and the character this plate makes it a very nice piece to display. The crazing of the plate gives it such character and beauty that is difficult to see and appreciate in the photo, but should be seen in person to appreciate. The condition of this plate is unmatched, we have been collecting redware for many years and we very seldom see old slip ware in such wonderful condition. This plate is just fantastic. This dish deserves a prominent spot in any redware collection.

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