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Early Stereoview Card Showing Black Americans Gathering Cotton on Southern Plantation By Keystone View Company

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Description:   An early stereoview card showing a group of Black Americans, which includes two women, two men, and two children, in the middle of a cotton field. Every on in the photo has a bag hanging on his or her shoulder and they are all actively reaching for cotton puffs with their hands. The two women are in long dresses and have polka dot hankies on their heads, while the men who are in light colored shirts are wearing hats. The children, one boy and one girl both have head dresses and appear to be posing for the photo. The card is titled 13735-Gathering Cotton on a Southern Plantation, Dallas Texas. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Additional Information:  The reverse side show an extensive description of the scene in the image indicating that cotton has many uses in clothing and even in food. That cotton grows in warm places and once it is ready it is picked by "negroes" and put "into their bags." It also discusses how the cotton seeds are separated from the fiber using machinery. 

Date:  Uncertain but most likely late 1800's or early 1900's. 

Origin:  USA. 

Size:  Measures about 7" by 3 1/2" including the fringes. 

Maker:  Keystone View Company. 

Marks:  Marked "Keystone View Company; Copyrighted, Manufacturers Publishers, Made in USA; Meadville, Pa; New York, NY; Chicago, Ill; London, England." It is also marked with the number P54 at the top between the two halves of the image. 

Condition:   The card is clean with minor soiling, if any, and is sharp and very well defined. It does have a light stain at the top of the left half near the right corner. This however does not distract from the beauty or quality of the image. The image itself has no damage and is in excellent condition. The card is curved as usual, but nothing to distract from its quality or great condition. Please see photos for additional condition information.

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