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Egypt Republic 5 Piastres Banknote Nefertiti Signed El Emery Pick #172 Choice XF

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Description: A beautiful and fully original choice extremely fine banknote from Egypt. This is the no date rare Egyptian Republic Five Piastres having the bust of King Farouk as the watermark with a black overprint pattern over it thus obliterating the watermark. This was done by the Government of Gamal Abdel Nasser after deposing King Farouk in 1952. This small size note is lilac, on green and brown in color and depicts the image of the famous bust of queen Nefertiti housed in the museum of Berlin. It is inscribed "Egyptian Republic Official Currency Note" in Arabic in the top center of the front. The back is brown and inscribed Issued Under Law No. 50/1940 and shows the denomination as well as one signature. The note is in Arabic on the front and in English on the back. It has the signature of Abdel Gueleel el-Emery, minister of finance and economy at the time, in Arabic on the front and in English on the back. This particular note has the serial number 120825 and is series E/10. The note has a watermark depicting the bust of the deposed king Farouk I and has overprint of dark black pattern to cover it. This is Pick Number 172, which is rather rare in any condition. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Known to have been issued as a provisional issue in 1953.

Printer: Egyptian Surveying Organization.

Size: The banknote measures ~3 3/4" by ~2 1/4".

Pick Number: P172 and is listed in the Banknote Book as B218a.

Condition: The note is graded Choice Extremely Fine 45 EPQ by PMG and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. The note is great looking with some minor signs of circulation and shows a small bump to the bottom right corner. Other than that, the note has no pinholes, no graffiti, no tears, and no splits. The note shows no roughness along the edges. This note is rather rare in any condition and represents a great opportunity for any collector of Egyptian banknotes. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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