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Egyptian Trade Union Federation 3 Coins Commemorating Silver Jubilee Silver One Pound and Two 10 Piastres Coins Plus First Day Issue Stamp In Vinyl Holder

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Description: Very interesting and unusual labor related collectible. This is a vinyl holder issued by the Egyptian Trade Union Federation, which contains three Egyptian coins issued by the mint to commemorate the Silver Jubilee (25 years 1957-1982) of the federation. The holder has the logo of the federation on the front top right corner with the name in the bottom left corner. The inside contains a sealed clear plastic pouch containing three coins within a cardboard holder. The coins are two copper-nickel 10 piastres coins (KM521) showing the logo of the federation on the obverse and the denomination on the reverse and one silver one pound coin (KM527) again with the same design. The inside of the front cover has a description in Arabic indicating that the mint and ministry of finance issued these coins to commemorate the silver jubilee of the federation and these are the only denomination issued to commemorate the event. The back cover has a first day cover with a three-piastres stamp issued for the same occasion showing the logo of the federation on a green background. The three coins are in uncirculated condition with the one pound coin showing full mint luster and having a brilliant look. This is a very interesting piece of labor collectibles as well as being a nice numismatic item. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1981 AD - 1402 AH.

Mint: Egypt.

Size and Weight: The one pound, weighs 15 grams of 0.72 silver and is 35 mm in diameter, while the ten piastres coins are copper-nickel weighing 6 grams and are 27 mm in diameter.

References:  The one pound is  is KM #527 and the ten piastres is KM #521.  

Condition: I would grade all three coins as uncirculated with the one pound coin being a beautiful brilliant uncirculated with all the details being very well preserved with all of its original mint luster still well preserved. The coins are much better than the photos show. The entire piece including the holder and inserts are in great condition and more than likely were carefully stored in a drawer since it was issued and given to dignitaries and the membership of the trade Federation in 1982. Just a great labor related collectible which would make a great addition to your collection. Please see photo for condition information.


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