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Islamic Coins Book Symbols of Numbers and Dates On Coins During The Islamic Era By Atef M. Ramadan

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Description:  This is a BRAND NEW COPY of the book by Atef Mansur Mohammad Ramadan entitled “The Symbols of Numbers and Calendars on Coins During The Islamic Era." The book is a paperback and is written in Arabic. This is an indispensable reference for the serious collector of Islamic coins. The book presents a comprehensive study of the various types of calendars and numbering systems used on Islamic coins and their significance and symbolism. It has 235 pages including 25 pages containing black and white as well as colored images of the coins discussed in the book. Additionally there are many images of coins throughout the pages of the book all in black and white.

Contents:  The book is divided in four chapters:


I. First Research: Symbols of numbers on Coins of The Islamic Era; Example subjects include:

 1.  Spelling out the numbers

      - Pahlavi language

      - Arabic language

      - Sanskrit language

      - Farsi language

      - Urdu language

  2.  Greek numbers

  3.  Latin numbers

  4.  Coptic numbers

  5.  Arabic numbers

  6.  The Camel numbers

  7.   Diwany numbers

  8.   Georgian numbers

  9.   al-Ghbaryah numbers

10.  al-Fassy numbers

II. Second Research: Calendars (dates) on Coins of The Islamic Era - Example subjects include:

          1.  Yazdagrid Calendar

   2.  Pahlavi Calendar

   3. Hijri Calendar

III. Third Research: How Are the Various  Dates Recorded on the Coins - Example subjects include:

   1. Hijri and Ikhanid Calendars

   2. Hijri and Gregorian Calendar

IV.  Fourth Research: Days and months Written on Coins of The Islamic Era - Example subjects include:

   1.  Hijri Months

   2.  Gregorian Calendar months

Finally the book has the following Appendices:

    -   Conclusions

    -   References, both Arabic and Foreign

    -   Coin Photos

The book is well written and is easy to follow and is full of very useful information and description of the coins and their importance. It also has many black and white photos of coins both black and white and in color. The book also catalogs many previously unpublished coins from the Islamic Coin collection preserved at Tubingen University in Germany. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  2009. 

Publisher:  It was published by "Zahra al-Sharq" Publishers in Cairo, Egypt. 

Size: The book measures 9 3/8" by 6 5/8" and is 235 pages. 

Author: Dr. Atef Mansur Mohammed Ramadan 

Condition:  This is not a used book but is a NEW BOOK.   It is in excellent condition with no wear or tears. All pages are clean and the book is free of markings, tears, or damage. The cover has some minor soiling and very minor scuffmarks. The cover also has small creases at the top and bottom corners. However, these do not interfere with quality of the book and its condition. 

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