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Islamic Silver Coin Rare Mamluk Dirham 791-792 AH /1389-1390 AD Al-Mansur Nasir Al-Din Hajji II Second Reign

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Description: A rare silver coin from the times of Hajji II (Al-Mansur Nasir Al-Din) second reign. Hajji II is from the Bahari Mamluk dynasty and ruled Egypt and Syria twice with his first reign being in the period 783-784 AH (1381-1382 AD) and his second reign being during the period 791-6792 AH (1389-1390 AD). This is a dirham from his second reign weighing about 3.0 grams and measuring 19 millimeters in diameter. It is in generally fine or better condition with considerable wear and small areas of strike weakness or flatness. The coin clearly shows the name and title "al-Sultan al-Malek al-Mansur Nasir (which is bit obliterated by can be inferred) al-...; ..din Hajji..Mal..; Al Ash...Sha aba" with a decorative shape between Nasir and al-Di.. on the obverse. The reverse of the coin clearly shows the words "... Muhammad Rassul Allah; Arsaluh Bel-huda wa Din al-Haq; Lyazharuh ala al-Din ..." The coin is similar to Balog #530. The coin does not show the place or the date of minting. It is Album 969 with a rarity index R. Please carefully review the scans presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 791-792 AH (1389-1390 AD).

Mint: The place of minting is off flan.

Size and Weight: This is a silver dirham, weighs ~3.0 grams of silver and is ~19 mm in diameter.

References: It is Album #969 with a rarity index R, is listed in Balog as 530, and it is listed in Wilkes as 1021.

Condition: This is a very rare coin from the reign of Al-Mansur Nasirr Al-Din Hajji II. I would grade this coin as a good fine. The coin itself is much better than the photos suggest shows with partially defined and legible calligraphy on both the obverse and reverse. It clearly shows Hajji's name and parts of his title. It does not show the date or the [place of minting, which is not unusual with such coins of such small flan. The coin is a bit off round with misshapen edge. The coin shows considerable wear and has strike weakness or areas of flatness. It is clean and shows the well defined name of al-Mansur Hajji. This is a rare coin and very difficult to come by, which would make a nice addition to your collection. Please see the photos for additional condition information.


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