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Mid-1900's Black Basalt Wedgwood Cylindrical Tobacco Jar or Box Domed Lid with Ball Finial

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Description: A beautiful mid 1900s ( most likely late 1960s) black basalt jasperware wedgwood cylindrical tobacco jar or trinket box. The box has a slightly domed lid with a central ball shaped finial. The circumference of the box or jar is decorated with the usual Greek allegorical figures consisting of putti, women carrying fruit or plants in white relief over the black background. The lid also has a raised white design of leaves and branches both along the edge and on top. The bottom of the box is marked "Wedgwood" and MADE in England" with the number 69 and the letter P stamped into the base. A very nice piece of Wedgwood in a very desirable color to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain, but the marking suggest possibly1969.

Origin: Staffordshire, England

Size: The piece measures ~3 1/4" diameter at the base, ~2 3/4" diameter on top, and is ~4 3/8" high. The piece weighs almost 16 ounces.

Maker: Wedgwood Pottery.

Marks: Impressed on the base the word "Wedgwood' and the words "Made in England" Separately and also impressed with the number "69" and the letter "P".

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Beautiful art pottery box or tobacco jar of beautiful design, shape and desirable color. It would make a great addition to your collection of Wedgwood Jasperware pottery.

Condition: The piece is in very good condition with no breaks, crack, hairlines or repairs. The piece is clean with the design being well preserved, crisp and beautiful. It does have three small chips to the bottom edge of the lid, which we show in the last two photos, but these are truly small and difficult to see and do not distract from the beauty or quality of the piece. Please see photos for additional condition information.