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Old Figural Pipe Tamper Brass Man Wearing Hat & Hands on Knees 1/2" Tamping Disk

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Description: A very nice brass antique pipe tamper. This figural brass tamper depicts a man wearing a hat, a jacket and resting his hands on his knee. His jacket is fitted and is tapered at his waste. He is wearing a hat on top of his hair which appears to be long and curly. The man maybe holding something in his hand resting on his knee, but we are not sure what it is. He is standing on a round raised base. The piece has a round tamping flat disk on the bottom of the stand. The tamping disk is smooth and has what looks like a worn-out mark and also remnants of design consisting of small circle. The piece shows interesting details of the man and his clothing. See for example the details on the front of his jacket and the details of the features of his face. The piece is nice, solid and has heft to it, which makes it feel great in your hand. The piece, which was cast and has smoothed at various spots suggesting considerable use. It also has a few scratches, and minor surface soiling indicating that it was used. A nice piece to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Circa 1800s.

Origin: Uncertain, but most likely somewhere in Europe.

Size: The tamping disk measures ~12 mm or ~1/2" in diameter. The entire piece is ~38 mm (a bit over 1 1/2") long. The piece itself weighs about 11.8 grams or ~0.4 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Unmarked as to the maker (markings are worn-off.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a nice brass antique figural pipe tamper that would make a great addition to your collection. A true antique that is good looking and in relatively good condition after being around for over 100 years. You can add it to your collection or you can use it with pride when smoking your pipe, it will make a great conversation piece.

Condition: It is in very good condition despite its age and utilitarian function. It has no cracks, hairlines, breaks, or repairs. The piece has a few scratches, general wear and some soiling. The piece has smoothed over a few spots suggesting considerable use. The piece still retains quite a bit of its original detail such as the clothing and the facial features. The tamper has markings on the bottom but these are worn-off. Be that as it may, the piece is still nice and would display nicely. Please see photos for additional condition information. 


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