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Rare 1940 Redware Mini Bulbous Jar Domed Lid and Applied Ear Handles Lead Glazed Olive Green By Thomas Stahl Powder Valley Pennsylvania

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Description: A most beautiful in form and colors miniature redware jar with a domed lid. This lead glazed jar has two applied ear type handles on the sides near the top. The jar has an olive green coloring with yellowish brown spots. It has a flat round base with a bulbous shaped exterior terminating in flared collar with incised neck rings. The jar comes with a domed lid having three incised rings and a conical button finial. The inside of the jar is also glazed and has the same olive green coloring. The reverse side of the lid is unglazed and the color of the lid is more on the brown side than the green side, which suggest that the lid and jar may not have been together. Actually the jar is made in such a fashion suggesting that it may have never had a lid. However, we are selling the piece as found with the lid it came with. The base of the pot is unglazed and shows the typical color of unglazed redware. It is incised with the words "Made in Stahl's pottery by Thomas Stahl 2/14/1940." Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: February 14, 1940.

Origin: Powder Valley, Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size: The pot is ~2 1/8" in diameter at the base, ~2 3/4" diameter at the top, and is ~3 1/4" high without the lid. The lid makes the piece ~4 3/8" high. It is ~3 1/2" at its widest including the two handles. The piece weighs a bit over 8 ounces.

Maker: Thomas Stahl.

Marks: Marked "Made in Stahl's pottery by Thomas Stahl 2/14/1940" incised in cursive calligraphy on the bottom of the base of the pot.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a very nice unusual pot in form and color in very good condition after being around for over 70 years made by one of the best and most famous potters from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Very well done and would display very well in your collection of Pennsylvania redware.

Condition: The jar is in very good condition with no breaks, cracks, hairlines, or chips. The glaze has a very fine crazing pattern that just gives the piece great character. There is also some minor edge flaking of the glaze on the edge of the handle (6th photo) and three firing stress lines on the interior of the lid. The piece also has some of the manufacturing defects you would expect in a primitive piece of redware of this vintage such as pops, slubs, areas where the glaze did not fully flow, and unglazed spots. This piece has very few such issues. Finally, we believe that the lid may not be truly part of the piece since the piece's construction suggests that it does not have a lid but we are selling the piece as found with the lid that came with it. Be that as it may, the piece is great looking and would display very well in your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information.



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