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Rare 1948 Redware Lead Glazed Brown Colored Barrel Shaped Mug with Handle By Isaac Stahl Powder Valley Pennsylvania

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Description: A most beautiful in form and color redware mug with an applied handle. This glazed piece is beautiful dark brown in color with lighter and darker colored splotches here and there. The exterior of the mug has two sets of three incised lines one near the base and the second near the rim. The mug has a round flat base supporting a barrel shaped mug with rounded sides. The rim of the mug is plain while the handle is ear shaped. The bottom of the mug has inscription in cursive calligraphy which reads "Made in Stahl Pottery By I S Stahl 6/28/1948" underlined by straight lines. The mug is glazed on the inside and outside. This is just a great looking and very unusual piece made in the Stahl Pottery in Powder Valley Pennsylvania. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: June 28, 1948.

Origin: Powder Valley, Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size: The mug is ~2 1/2" in diameter at the base, ~3 1/4" diameter at the top, ~5" at its widest including the handle, and is ~4 1/4" high. The piece weighs slightly over 13 ounces.

Maker: Isaac Stahl.

Marks: Marked "Made in Stahl Pottery By I S Stahl 6/28/1948" underlined by straight lines, all incised in cursive calligraphy on the bottom of the base.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is a very nice unusual piece in form and color that is in excellent condition after being around for almost 70 years made by one of the best and most famous potters from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Very well done and would display very well in your collection of Pennsylvania redware.

Condition: The bowl is in excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, or hairlines. The glaze has crazing throughout that is difficult to see due to the coloring of the piece but is there. The piece has several shallow flea bites and flakes to the surface glaze here and there with several on the handle and on the edge of the rim with one or two on the exterior and interior of the mug. However, these are so small and dark in color and are very hard to notice and do not distract from the looks or quality of this beautiful mug. Finally, the piece also has some of the manufacturing defects you would expect in a primitive piece of redware of this vintage such as uneven spots, pops, slubs, areas where the glaze did not fully flow, and unglazed spots. This piece has a few of such issues. Other than that the piece is just beautiful, great looking, and would display very well in your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information.


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