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Scarce 1947 Soviet Russia 100 Rubles Banknote Vladimir I Lenin Pick No. 231 VF

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Description: A nice very fine or better Banknote from Russia. This is the 1947one hundred Rubles note issued by the State Bank of the USSR. The banknote has inscription in Cyrillic on both sides. It is black on multicolored underprint on the front. The front depicts the image of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to the right. There is a Soviet Arms in the top center of the front. There are 16 scrolls of denomination around the arms with eight on the left and seven on the right with one in the bottom center, making this note a 1947 issue and Pick number 231. The front has the denomination in numerals and in nice decorative calligraphy with the date and serial number. It has no signatures. The back shows only the denomination as well as the image of the Kremlin. This particular note has the serial number 697437 displayed twice in red on the front. This is a Pie Gamma series banknote. The note has a watermark depicting the bust of Lenin. This is a one-year issue banknote. Please carefully review scans as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1947.

Printer: Soviet State Bank.

Size: The banknote measures ~9" by ~4 5/8".

Pick Number: P 231.

Condition: I would grade this banknote as a nice very fine with all the details being well preserved. The note shows circulation and has several vertical and one horizontal fold. It has light creases and wrinkling throughout. The paper is soiled and has stains. The stains are darker on the back than on the front. They are brown in color. The note has no tears, no splits, no graffiti, and no pinholes. The edges show some roughness especially at the ends of the folds and the corners show rounding but they are still intact. The paper is still stiff and the note's colors are clear but are not very bright. Be that as it may, this is a nice note, which would make a good addition to your collection. Please see scans for additional condition information.




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